Publications and Presentations

Check out our recent publications and presentations on this topic.


We recently presented at the Cognitive Development Society in Portland, OR! Check out our posters below:

Our lab manager, Raychel Gordon presented a poster on her work on using gesture to solve mathematical tasks. You can check out her poster here!

Our postdoc, Nadia Chernyak, presented posters on her work bridging numeracy skills and early moral cognition/sharing behavior. You can check out her posters here and here!


Check out our most recently published paper!

  • Numerical cognition explains age-related changes in third-party fairness. Developmental Psychology. Email for a free copy.
    • This study asked children to share some toys between two puppets. They were then assessed on their numerical cognition (number knowledge). As children got older, they became better at sharing toys fairly. But, this shift between sharing unfairly to sharing fairly was not explained not by age alone, but by their developing number knowledge. These results suggest that as children gain cognitive skills such as numerical cognition, they become more capable of solving social problems such as sharing fairly.

Check out our Cognitive Science proceedings summarizing our newest work on this topic:


Upcoming Talks, Presentations, and Public Appearances:

  • Our lab manager will be presenting her work on gesture and numerical learning at the International Society for Gesture Studies conference in Cape Town, South Africa on July 4-6. Check back here for details on the date and time of her poster.